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Since 1979

Seattle, Washington

Looking for a Volkswagen mechanic in Seattle? VW repair in Seattle, Porsche repair in Seattle? Does your Porsche need an engine rebuild? Wagenschmitt services Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles. The workshop is run by Mike Schmitt from the garage at the back of his house in Seattle's University District, near the N.E. 50th Street exit of Interstate 5, Tel: (206) 545-3500. Mike Schmitt specializes in air-cooled engines and is experienced in engine rebuilds for Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles.

Some customer reviews

Here are just a few customer reviews plucked from the pages of Yelp.com and Roadhaus.com, where you'll find more. To my customers, thank you for your loyalty and support. It is always my pleasure to be of service. — Yours, Mike Schmitt

I have a 1974 VW Bug and it is not easy to find a mechanic that wants to work on an air cooled engine and is really experienced like Mike Schmitt. I found him on line when I moved to the Fremont area of Seattle a few years back. I have brought my old girl to him for many different issues and for tune ups and oil changes as well. He always fixes my car in a timely manner and he has very fair and consistant pricing. He is great at figuring out strange and odd things that other people could not diagnose and fix on my car. Mike is a man of his word, very trustworthy, and I have complete confidence in all the work he has done on my car. I highly recommend Mike Schmitt at Wagenschmitt VW Service for anyone that has a VW Bug! — Wendy A., April 6, 2011

My good friend Jodi recommended Mike to me some time last year. She'd been taking her '83 Vanogon Westy to Mike. I have a '75 Porsche 914 2.0l, which is essentially the same engine as the Westy. After driving 3700 miles from Tampa to Seattle, my little Porsche was hurting. The climate difference, dirt and other things caused my carbs to act up. He bored out the jets a little to accommodate for the difference in Tampa / Seattle weather. He also did a compression check and found that I was way off. Turns out that my distributor got stuck in full advance and I probably bent a few valves. So, I thanked him and decided that I would be back to get the engine rebuilt. Mike is an honest and straightforward guy, I think that there are few better in that department. His work is meticulous and he is not afraid to say that something is wrong or that you're doing something incorrectly which may be causing the problem. Based on my first experience, I'm choosing to spend the money to rebuild the Porsche's engine at Mike's shop. I'll report back in a few weeks and give a review for that, though I'm certain that the work will be stellar. — John K., February 25, 2010

Mike Schmitt really knows my Volkswagens. I have total confidence in his knowledge and ability. I rarely have to wait long to get my car in or out of his shop. His prices are fair and consistent. He is a man of honor, worthy of trust. — Jane R., January 21, 2009

Outstanding shop to keep your vintage VW bus running fit. I bought my bus according to Mike's specifications, and he's been doing work on it for me ever since. More than 10-years of great service. Even with the occasional major repair, the cost of keeping my bus running with Mike's excellent and reasonable service beats the cost of a new car by 10,000 kilometers. — Michael B., January 21, 2009

Mike Schmitt is a class act. If every mechanic were as careful,kind intelligent, trustworthy and hard working as Mike we'd all be better off. Nobody is better qualified to build you a VW engine than this man. What most people don't know is that he has a Masters in Romance Languages, plays concert piano(extremely well) and speaks perfect German. He also has very interesting friends that frequent the shop that customers can meet sometimes. Just as with any other shop, if you are fastidious about your maintenance,things tend to be easier for you here. If you're not in the know about car care then Mike will teach you what you need to know(follow his advice to the letter). This fellow is physiologically incapable of lying. It is not his style. He is usually very busy(especially in Summer) so plan your engine rebuild for the off season and be prepared for a wait(small) to get in. This man is a member of a small fraternity of mechanics that has actually studied Physics at the college level. Mike looks and sounds conservative sometimes but he is actually very progressive and a nice person to know. His prices are reasonable and he backs up his work. If you're in a tough spot with a VW in Seattle and you need his phone number just look on the back of any "The Stranger" newspaper. He's had an ad there since about 1990. Nice job Mike. — David Fallor, December 10, 2007

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