Regular Maintenance

Old Hammerhand

We believe our tune-ups are the most comprehensive possible. We follow the factory recommendations for the 6,000 mile service (air-cooled) or 12,000 mile service (most water-cooled): inspect and lube front suspension and steering, inspect tires, inspect and adjust brakes and V-belts, inspect drive axles and boots, inspect for rust, adjust valves and clutch, check engine compression, replace ignition parts as necessary (usually points and plugs), adjust timing and idle, check lights and fluids, replace any bad bulbs or fuses. Mike is also fully versed in fuel injection systems used through 1992, and in all stock and popular aftermarket carburetors (Solex, Kadron, Weber, Dellorto), including adjustments, rebuilding, and re-jetting.

2017 Typical Prices, excluding tax

Full tune, w/valve adjust$180$10 - 20$190 - 200
no valve adjust$140same as above$150 - 160
Oil change$25$25 - 40$50 - 65
Brakes, per axle$100 - 140$20 - 60$120 - 200
pads only$75$30 - 40$105 - 115
Rebuild brake calipers, w/pads$200$300$500
Replace clutch: —
   Types I, II thru 1971, III$250$50 - 250$300 - 500
   Type II, 1972-1990$400$50 - 250$450 - 650
   Golf, Jetta, etc.please phone

Tel: (206) 545-3500

Carburetor Rebuilding

In our experience most carbs do not need replacement! Usually cleaning and inspection will reveal any problems. Occasionally gaskets or diaphragms will need changing, and quite often larger main jets are needed to compensate for throttle shaft wear or high-performance exhausts or cams. Aftermarket carb kits typically present no special difficulties. If rebuilding is necessary, most can be done for $90 labor or less.

Engine Rebuilding

Laying a crank

Mike is especially experienced at custom engine rebuilding. Most customers are happy with a stock rebuild, but he has built many high-performance engines as well, from mildly upgraded 1600cc versions all the way to 2-liter stroker motors. These are not race engines, but meant to give driveable and reliable street performance. A great deal of experience is necessary to choose the parts and modifications compatible with these requirements. Very few in the Seattle area have more experience at this than Mike.

Robbie Lowery's 2-liter Type 3 motor

Type I Rebuild Prices, 2016 (Beetle, Ghia, Thing, Type III, Transporter through 1971)
Basic engine rebuild, stock 1600cc, normal parts, machining & labor$2500
Head cores$100
Crankcase core$250
Clutch kit$250
Exhaust$150 - 250
Kadron kit (twin solexes)$250 - 700
Narrow fan shroud (better access to carbs and plugs)$100
Cam and swivel-foot adjustors$165
Solid rockershaft kit, installed$250
Counterweighted crank, 69mm$250
Precision balancing of rotating parts and pistons$200
Full-flow filter modification, parts and installation$175
90.5mm piston and cylinder set (1776cc)$300
Convert to larger Type IV oil cooler$200
Big-valve heads (CBPerformance 044s)$700 - 900
Weber carbs, IDFs or DCNFs$350 - 900
Convert to stroker crank, 78mm (2006cc)$500
Custom exhaust$500 - 800
Gauges$150 - 300
Core engine for rebuilding$250 - 400

Compression ratios and cams matched to your needs and available fuel.

Type IV Rebuild Prices, 2016 (Transporter and air-cooled Vanagon, 1972-1983. Porsche 914, $200 additional)
Basic rebuild, parts and labor$3500
Cracked or otherwise unusable heads$75 - 150 ea
Replacement piston and cylinder set$200
Re-ground crankshaft$75
Replacement crankcase (unusual)$275
Upgrade 1.7 or 1.8 liter engine to 2 liter$275
Clutch kit$225
Muffler$150 - 250

Other engine external parts (mounts, compartment seal, etc.) are additional. Average price is $3700 - 4000 before tax.

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